Sport Vision Pro
“Blue Ray”

AED 275

SUNREAD SPORT VISION PRO are made of 2 mm polycarbonate lenses using 15 mm reading area in strength +1.5 +2.0 and +2.5. Very comfortable to wear for long hours and you do not need to change to your reading glasses, Sunread does it for you!

Sport Vision Pro

SUNREAD SPORT VISION PRO is available with or without reading function and with standard and XL glass.

For those of you who need reading glasses, a pair of SUNREAD will help ease your everyday life. You no longer need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses when you’re outdoors. Read your GPS, heart rate monitor or map when you orient, for example, without having to switch to reading glasses. It is easier in the summer heat, but also in low temperatures. When it is really cold about the hands, it is more comfortable to keep the mittens on!

The wide range of different lenses for different occasions, makes it easy to find the perfect lens that best suits your interests and environments.

The lenses are interchangeable if the damage is present, but you can also order loose lenses if you wish to supplement with a lens of a different color. The bifocal lenses have a sharp transition so that the brain is much easier to relate to the reading part, you experience the reading part as an asset. The glasses are delivered in a soft fiber bag in a hard case and of course it includes a cleaning cloth.

Sunread Sport Vision Pro comes with two choices of lens height: Standard lens height 42 mm (14mm reading box) or XL (12mm reading box) with 4 mm more material at the bottom of the lens for extra protection

Sport Vision Pro “Blue Ray”

The lenses have “Blue Ray” filters against the dominant strong blue light in the 400-425 nanometer range (the sharp blue light).

Hydrophobic coating that is water and dirt repellent as well as Anti-reflex treatment on the inside of the lens.

Product Specification

Lens : Polycarbonate 2 mm
Aspheric : Aspheric design/ Optical correct
UV A+B : 100% UV400 protection
Frame : Grilamid (TR90) Unisex
Polarization : No Polarization
Darkness : Filter 0 - (0 out of 4)
Lens filter : Completely clear yellow lenses with "Blue Ray" filter, hydrophobic coating and anti-reflection
Bifocal : Standard height of lens 42mm (14mm reading frame) and XL - 46mm lens (12mm reading frame)
Certification : CE marked. Safety glasses according to ANS Z87.1+ / EN166F
Measurement : Width (inside) 132 mm (Outer) 142 mm
Lens height : height of lens 42 mm
Total length of tempels : length 160 mm