Sport Focus
Reading glasses

AED 255

Sport Focus Reading glasses is a pair of sports / safety glasses with strength throughout the lens. Suitable if you need to work in front of a machine / monitor and need strength in the entire lens or you are overseen and need + strength. The strengths in stock are +1.5 +2.0 and +2.5

2 mm polycarbonate lenses that protect against particles at high speed according to both European and American standards for goggles

Sport Focus Reading glasses

SUNREAD SPORT FOCUS Reading glasses is available with reading function.

For those who need single vision strength, a pair of SUNREAD Focus Reading glasses will help you a lot in your everyday life.

The lenses are interchangeable in case of scratches occurs, but you can also order loose lenses if you wish to supplement with a lens of a different color. The power in the lenses covers the entire field of view, though not the entire lens, but as they sit quite close to the eye you still have a wide field of view the same as in a pair normal prescription glasses. The glasses are delivered in a soft fiber bag and in a hard case and of course it includes a cleaning cloth.

Product specification

Lens : Polycarbonate 2 mm
Aspheric : Aspheric design/ Optical correct
Power : +1.50, +2.00, +2.50
UV A+B : 100% UV400 protection
Frame : Grilamid (TR90) Unisex
Polarization : No Polarization
Darkness : Filter 0 - (0 out of 4)
Lens filter : Clear lenses with strength
Certification : CE marked. Safety glasses according to ANSI Z87.1+ / EN166F
Measurement : Width (inner) - 132mm (Outer) 142mm
Lens height : height of lens 42 mm
Total length of tempels : length 160 mm