Our Vision

Sunread Lifestyle Technology

Our Vision

Sunread’s vision is to develop sunglasses with our own design. We aim produce our products to the highest possible quality for everyone who has been there where reading glasses are a part of our daily lives. It is an important part of our lifestyle to enjoy outdoor activities with perfect eyesight. Quality lenses with the right power are a must to be able to see well even in bright sun.

The freedom to avoid changing to reading glasses or the opportunity to choose a sunscreen for the glasses for various outdoor activities to protect against the sun’s rays or where goggles are a must. With the right filter in our sunglasses, you protect the eyes, which unfortunately do not heal if they are damaged. Sunglasses should both protect the eyes from the sun’s rays but also from other external risks that can cause permanent damage.

With the right sunglasses for different purposes, we believe that it will not only be a better experience for the moment but also an increased quality of life as vision is a big part of how we experience things around us. Being able to read small text, avoid squinting with the eyes, that the eyes are not shed by gusts of wind and a pleasant feeling for a long time when driving a car, cycling or hiking in the mountains increases our personal quality of life.

The quality of lenses and frames must be absolutely top notch and not just live up to the lowest possible standards. UV protection is a must and protection against the dark blue light during prolonged exposure helps us sleep better. Physical protection against impacts and particles at high speed is important in both work and leisure.

The development of new design and function takes place in collaboration with our customers who are our friends and partners who tell their stories that are a big part of how we then think to find solutions on how we can help with a better experience for everyone.

Peter Grönberg
CEO Sunread