Questions and answers

Here we have collected questions with answers that we have often received. If you have more questions, you can always contact us via chat, email or by calling customer service directly:

Phone 042-453 90 90 – Email [email protected]


What are "Bifocal" sunglasses?

The word “Bifocal” is two words, bi = two and vowel = focus. The word describes an optical lens with two different powers. In Sunread Sunglasses, we have cast an optical lens at the bottom in various powers (+1,5 +2,0 +2,5 diopter) that are of very high quality.

The rest of the sunglasses are without any power, so when you look straight ahead, the power is zero. If you keep your head still and look down with your eyes, you see through a pair of reading glasses that provide the magnification needed to be able to focus at close range.

This age related vision is also called “presbyopia”. Presbyopia occurs when the aging lens of your eye becomes less flexible and can no longer focus on objects up-close. Think of your eye like a camera. The lens in the camera has the ability to autofocus on objects whether they are near or far. The solution is reading glasses or Bifocal glasses, now even in Sunglasses.

Can I get my Sunread with progressive or varifocal lenses?

Sunread can supply progressive or varifocal lenses to our sport series sunglass as per eye prescription from an optichian.

The big difference between bifocal and progressive vision lenses is the price and delivery times where progressively cut lenses are much more expensive than single vision and these lenses are not stocked but must be manufactured by lens manufacturers according to specific measurements of height and required power.

Please send us an email to: [email protected] and attach a picture of your eye prescription. We will revert with our best price including shipping cost direct to your address.

How do I clean my sunglasses?

It is best to remove the sunglasses from the frame and rinse in lukewarm water and use a little soap. Avoid window cleaning with ammonia (window cleaner).

Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or similar with short fibers, avoid paper towels with long fibers that can matte the lenses over time.

Avoid drying clean with clothing

How scratch-resistant are my Sunread sunglasses?

Sunread sunglasses come with polycarbonate sunglasses.

Polycarbonate is a plastic that is hard but also very impact-resistant and suitable as goggles. All plastics have different scratch resistance but also other criteria that must be met such as UV resistance, temperature resistance, optical performance. Polycarbonate is an excellent material for sunglasses and the hardest plastic that meets the high demands placed on sunglasses.

The degree of hardness of polycarbonate is very high but it is possible to scratch and proper storage is the key to scratch-free sunglasses as scratches rarely come by themselves when you wear them.

Sunread sunglasses lenses are hard-treated from the factory and are very scratch-resistant. Sunglasses are exposed to harsh external influences and take a lot of blows from particles in the air that over time create invisible micro-scratches. It is possible to “Nano” treat the outside of the sunglasses which makes the surface smoother and to some extent harder and then retains its shine longer. Contact customer service for any nano processing.

Avoid storing sunglasses in:

  • The pocket
  • The center console in the car
  • Unprotected in a box where it can roll around

Avoid drying the sunglasses:

  • with clothing
  • with kitchen paper (long fibers)
  • dry (like washing the car without water)
  • with strong chemicals (avoid all chemicals)

Tighten the screw at the hinges at regular intervals to avoid the shell being pressed against the sunglasses at external pressure, ie if you have them in a pocket or similar. It is best to store the sunglasses in the included microfiber bag / storage box.

Do I have a warranty on my purchase?

We offer 2 years warranty against any manufacturing defect. Scratches are not included in warranty. Broken lenses/frame can only happen if excess force is used and by such normally excluded from warranty.

We will of course evaluate each incident and please write and email to [email protected] and attach a picture of the broken or faulty part. We will revert with our comments and we tend to replace the product if we can see that it is not due to excess force.

We do appreciate you as a customer and we will go a long way to try to compensate for any defect or fault on our side.


How do I remove the sunglass lens?

The sunglass lens sit in the frame with two grooves that hold the glass firmly. The sunglasses are easy to remove. Grab the outer corner of the glass with your thumb and forefinger while holding the frame with your other hand. Lift out the sunglasses by the side of the hinges first. It helps if you pull a little in the frame at the same time and it clicks out easily.

Insert inverted, ie at the nose side first and click it back at the hinges. The frame is flexible but it is strong and will not break easy.

What are hydrophobic lenses?

Hydrophobic coating is a water and dirt-repellent layer that keeps the lens clean longer and is easier to clean. It is enough to dry the lens with a little soap and water in one go with a polishing cloth with short fibers.

Hydrophobic surface on Sunread lenses is made with “nanoscopic” technology. The surface stays even longer and is experienced as a smooth friction-free surface when touched.

The effect is similar to the Lotus effect where water forms larger drops against the surface of the Lotus leaf and has a smaller contact surface against the leaf with less friction and thus quickly flows along the leaf towards the center where the plant absorbs the water. The technology is used in the car industry for windscreens, among other things.